My Cecil truck


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Nice job, Ronnie. I'm with you on body work, though. There is nothing messier or more frustrating some times. I had a 72 3/4 ton and I am stupid for letting it go. It was the most useful vehicle I have ever owned.
I am new here. Also new to the 409. I just aqquired a 409 out of a Chevy spartan 70 truck. I have heard I will have trouble mating a car trans (is, th350, 400, 5 speed to it because it is out of the larger truck. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Don Jacks

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Welcome to the site.The short answer is no,there's no problem bolting up a P-gilde,Th-350,2004r,700r4,Th-400 to the 409 truck block.You'll need to use the 168 tooth flexplate,and either shim it out a bit,or bevel the mountng flange on the crank just a bit inorder for the flexplate to fit nice and flat.These engines are internally balanced,so a 350,396,402,or427 flexplate will work here.
Perfect. Thanks for the info. I have been working g on getting this truck for 5 years just for the 409. Another guy that wanted it gave me some line about it being a pain. Figured he was just trying to turn me away from it. This is my first W motor so I'm not sure on some things. Thanks again.

Don Jacks

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Well you've come to the right place.We have experts here[not me] that can,and will gladly help you turn that engine into whatever you want it to be.Wheather it's a cruiser,or and all-out,bad assed stroker,there are folks here who have been,and are there,doing that.
Cool! I'm a gear head, mechanic for the government. Plenty capable and have many rides. Just wasn't sure about the truck 409. All info is helpful. Don't even have plans for it but I have it. That's all that matters. This is a great site. Any hop up parts people might have I'm interested. Thanks again.


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Love your truck Ronnie. The first thing I thought of when I saw it before I read anything was "wow, what a clean truck".
Since that's what you were going for I'd say you nailed it. The rims are period correct and look good on that truck.
You should be proud of it, I know I would be if it were mine.


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WOW. That's awesome Ronnie.:applI don't usually, view any posts about Trucks, because I want one in the worst way. My 350, has 2500 miles on it, and I'm waiting.:doh:bat I have too many irons, in the fire, right now. Anyhow I'm glad I did.:clap Very nice job. You deserve an A++ for doing bodywork, in that Texas heat.:bow