My father’s TA passed down to me.


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For me it all started when I was six years old in 1968, my parents owned a duplex and our tenant was a car nut. He had a 1968 Chevelle SS 4-sp 396 L 78 , at that time obviously I didn’t know what that was I guess it made an impression on me . He used to bring his friends over with their cars fix them up and go dragracing at the local Dragstrip I was always surrounded with muscle cars . He was our tenets for least 12 years,now he lives in Vancouver and I still keep in touch with them. When I turned 14 in 1977 my brother and I went to the movie theater and saw Smokey and the bandit . That movie was a huge success which made the 77 TA special edition very popular . My brother and I just had to have that car . I had a cousin who was coming over with his friend they had a 75 and 76 Trans Am which didn’t help the matter. My father also wanted to buy a new car at that time my brother and I were just begging him to buy a TA . We finally persuaded him to go to the dealer to look at one ,we heard over the radio that there was the last 77 TA Special Edition in Montreal at Durand Buick Pontiac dealer it was the middle of summer . When we arrived at the dealer we saw the car in the show room people were all over it . Salesman came over and asked if we were interested and my father said no just looking. After that we went home begged our mother and they finally gave in ,we rushed back to the dealer hoping the car wasn’t sold . We rushed to the salesman he said the car was not sold yet , my father said he’ll take it . I’ll never forget that day my brother and I were just in heaven . Both my parents have passed away since and this is what remains great memories . This car has been in the family for 41 years. Words cannot describe how I feel when I take a cruise in it with my family.