My personal nightmare

La Hot Rods

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So some of you showed some interest in this MGB that I have a few years of pain and suffering in.
This car belongs to a good friend of mine that asked me if I was interested in restoring this MGB that he picked up from someone that had started the project.
So I said that I would (not sure what I was thinking) but would work on it my spare time and that I was not going to do a crappy job like all the British that I have seen restored. I wanted to set the bar for these little cars and for the people that seem to enjoy them so much.

Now this project has gotten completely out of control and I have no idea how to stop it or who's fault it is.
I blame him he blames me.

So I will try and keep you guys entertained with my nightmare.
These are a few shots of close to what it looked like when it showed up at my house.
Well I may need some help to resize some of the earlier photos
I will put op some later shots to get you started.
Thanks James 20141130_172228.jpg 20141130_185757.jpg Now I am not a body man by trade I am a flat rate mechanic and have been since 1978 but I have seen so many of these car that just look like crap and was sure I could do better(not sure any more).

Tom Kochtanek

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As you might expect, I have seen this project up close and first hand. It is truly a work of art, wayyyy better than a factory original.

I used to be "into" two door convertibles from across the pond for many years before I found my true appreciation for GM cars of a muscular nature :). Most of my cars were shoddy built roadsters that made fun driving experiences. If you've ever had a British roadster, you have to expand the definition of "fun" to include "driving without headlights" , "draining the battery", etc. all due to the fine electrical systems employed. I had a gaggle of Healeys, Morris Minors and a host of other UK cars. Fortunately I also focused on Swedish and German engineered cars as well (1955 Mercedes 190SL, 1966 Volvo P1800, etc.). When James is done with this car, the owner (Chris) will hopefully drive the wheels off it for the foreseeable future, and in grand style :) :) :).



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My first NEW car was a 1965 Austin Healy Sprite. Cost about #1700 as I recall and would cruise at 70 and get 30mpg.
It was a pain to put the top up and down and the sucker refused to start if there was a wet dew……the prince of darkness effect.
You have my sympathies…….unless you are considering stuffing a W in it.

Jim Sullivan

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Looks great James. Very nice work! Keep the pictures coming.

I restored a '68 Datsun Roadster several years ago. A neighbor had one when I was 15 and from then on I was so intrigued by the car that I just had to have one. Well years later a friend had one in pretty rough shape that I bought for next to nothing. Spent many years collecting parts. After restoring the car, which ran and drove great, I was already bitten by the full size Chevy bug. The Datsun was so small I didn't feel safe driving it and sold it.


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A buddy of mine had a Big Healey (3000) with a Corvette 327 in it back in 1971 or s0. Now that car scalded some tires!
Tom, you just reminded me of a great story. Back in 1963 or so I was working for a Chevrolet dealer and a guy brought in a 1961 Austin-Healey 3000. Little did I know he had brought it in before I started there and had the Healey engine removed and had them install a 61 FI 283. It was a complete crate engine! I heard it running when it came in and I ran upstairs, 3 story parking garage in an old downtown building, found it and immediately popped the hood!! I had one of my buddies with me and we could not believe how great an install that was. We crawled all over that car. Very little modifications as I recall, but what an install. Even the FI cleared the hood. I was not impressed with the car until I saw the engine install. What a sleeper. It left before I could see if it had a Borg Warner and what kind of rear end. Anyway what a great car!!

La Hot Rods

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Well I have dusted this project off now that racing season is coming to a close. :cryblow
My big hang up has been the dash.....trying to make the center dash to fit a double DIN head unit that I wanted to hide but that wasn't going to fly.
I am on my second or third design now and Chris (the car owner) likes it but it needs more work.
Think it's getting close now.
My plan is to get the dash fab work finished so I can send it for upholstery (going to cover in leather I hope) then I can finish up the loose ends.
With luck when I'am done the dash will be back. :pray
20171102_213545 (2).jpg
20171102_213529 (2).jpg

Mr Goodwrench

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Good luck, one bitch from him and I would have shoved that piece of shit out the door and told him wrap it up and send it to the UK for restoration! I'd rather own a Volvo than one of those roller skates! was at Good Guys over at Indy several years ago and they were having a Mazda Miata gathering, all those beautiful Rods cruising Indy next to those :wtfthings.