My personal nightmare


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I wouldn't do that Brad, I learned my skills working in a shop full of old mechanics, they got great enjoyment watching me learn how to figure out and work on cars with all there shenanigans. :crazy
My dad who was with us at Great Bend was the youngest certified Mechanic in New Zealand 1964.
He worked in the local GM, Vauxhall, Bedford agent workshop. Everything that was odd ball or not of the breed that they used to work on got given to him. He recons it was the best way to do an appreticship, made you think



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So when I was down there today glass beading my Intake you were running the window up and down. Still needing to put hardware in there?:dunno
I guess you could just cut a big hole in the door with the Saw Weld it back in and hit it with a rattle can! I have some gloss black. See I helped out and gave you an easy way to fix it! I’m sure Sean doesn’t mind he just wants it to work right?:scratch it’s not our car, probably wouldn’t have to worry about working on the Ferrari any more.....:juggle
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