Nate's Aussie Belair Build


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Another weekend in the country...

Got a heap done on the chassis. A day on the grinder, and it came up a treat.

Once it was all scrubbed up, it got a coat of KBS.

Looks like I have a guy locked in for paint panel... So I am starting to see a small amount of light at the end of the tunnel.

Hoping to drop all hanging panels off at the end of the month, then the body will be bead blasted before going off to the shop. 2pac primer and 2pac top..


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I had one of the American GTO versions and I really liked that car. Should have kept it. An American Ute (EL Camino) version without the IRS would be very nice to have, I think.


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That, is a nice car. Good Luck with it.:clap:clap
Thanks Mate...

Its my first build, so learning the hard way that it is not ea

So far... My theory is it will be painted silver with a full red interior and gun mental gray rims.

Meeting with the painter over the weekend to lock in some finer details.

Any recommendations on the best silver to use that won't look lost on the Big Girl?


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export 63 Bel Air

Hi Nate, take a look at and do a search for Chevrolet, and have a look at the grey 63,


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Locked in a Panel Beater over the weekend....

He is a young bloke, 28 that runs his own shop in my home town.

- All Rust Repair
- Full Bare Metal Respray using PPG
- Re hanging all panels and doors
- Doing all gaps
- Polish, including door jams
- Guaranteeing his work for 5 years... (For what its worth)
- No deposit, and payment accepted if I am happy with the result.

All this for 8k.

I had a look at another car he had painted and was happy with his work. Would be happy if my Belair had the same paint job, and he said I should expect a nicer result.

Now it sounds too good to be true, and cheap... I can hear everyone saying I will be getting what I pay for.

Oh well. He is a genuine lad and keen to get started soon.

Dropping in all hanging panels and doors in a fortnight.

Is there anything else besides the above list that I should raise with him?


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So had a bit of a setback...

The guy who was going to bead blast my body shell today came off his motorbike yesterday.

Luckily he is ok!

However the shell was to be blasted and delivered to the Panel Beater tomorrow. I had booked this time in with the panel beater 4 months ago, and he was going to give me a 4 month turn around.

Now I can't get the shell blasted for at least 4 - 6 weeks, so obviously I miss my window with the panel beater. Looks like its going to add another 8 months to the project!


58 Apache

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Looks like a lot of work

:doh Nate looks like you have a lot of metal work ahead of you. Hopefully you can get some of tha pieces you need without having to make them. Keep up the good work.:clap


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Well had a set back.

The belair has been siting in paint jail for 6 months. The panel beater said it would be 100% complete at the end of November.

So far all he has done is gap it up and prime it. He called me last week to say that he does not have the time to finish the car. Told me to fix the bill up and come pick it up.

He wanted $600 for the work he had done. I said no worries, my brother will drop in a cheque and a tilt tray will pick it up.

Well the car was picked up, the cheque was cancelled and the Belair was broken out of Paint Jail. :clap

No chance I am paying him for the little work he had done. We have since discussed it further and he agrees. :clap

Well I am now a year behind and its sitting at my Mum and Dads with no panel beater able to work on it for 6 months :bang


scott hall

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Guess it's just not some of the american shops that do that. The guy that had Dads 60 before him went through 3 before the car was done. Sorry to here of your troubles. Keep on trying it will happen. Scott