need a set up 409 main bearing caps for 63,64,65 ..

Phil Reed

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Try to get 5-6 main caps. You could possibly need extra to have the caps register correctly. That had been my experience.

Don Jacks

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As I understand it,John,all the W's that had the x on the block had the Armisteel main caps on them so they should work,but only if that 348 is a 962 block or a 655 block,the more common 5011 and eariler blocks won't.
okay...thanks for the information, I have the block, 409 crank, oil pan and timing gear cover and a set of 333 heads, wanting to build a 385/400 hp engine, so until I find a set of main caps, I am on stand by...Gary


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I might have a set off my 62 engine that I blew up last fall. Let me go check them out next week. The engine is at the shop that does some of my engine work. I will let you know if you think you might be interested in them.