Never Seen One of These Before

Don Jacks

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The engine looks to be pre 68 small block,the trans is 69 up th350.I've never seen that type of transfer case or that type of 4wd conversion.I'd guess that it was some kind of aftermarket conversion.

Jeff Olson

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Bob might be right, looking at the underside appears to be similar to a pickup box or van. Wasn't there a few 4wd Chevy vans back in the 60's?


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There was some pre war DAF's with something similar, however that is not one of them. What ever it is, someone come up with it. It's driving me crazy.

Jim Sullivan

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It's a rolled over Ford(best kind, LOL) with one of there "better ideas" four wheel drive/independent front suspension. :laughing

"That's not a Ford guys.Look closer.Ford never had that design frt.end,never had the oil filter in that location,never had a TH350 transmission.That thing is a converted Chevy or GMC."
Ooops, :hide:back Thanks for the correction Don. :D
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VEMCO V DRIVE SYSTEM So I read the article with a picture of that particular truck in it, they put them in Ford Econo Lines, wagons, chevy trucks and dodge trucks...Looked at the pictures and read the article!
Thanks IMBVSUR!!!