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In 1993 we rode our Fatboy to Sturgis with only saddlebags. We carried all our clothes and a pup tent. She learned then that she could only take so much stuff and that there are laundromats everywhere. The other six times we went we shipped the tent and blankets out to the campground and my buddy with a drag bike hauled them back. We always took our leathers. It seems like it's always cold in the mountains. For example we went through Estes Park five times of which 4 times it was rainy and cold. We rode clear around Lake Superior one July after the Abate Rally in Humboldt. It was so hot when we left Humboldt that when we stopped to get gas somewhere I would take the water hose and run it over my head and drench my clothes to cool off. Wasn't long on the road and I was dry again. It was foggy and cold when we came back through Duluth and we wore out leathers then. About 1995 she started riding her own and that helped the packing situation. Her idea. I liked it because now I could gas mine when I wanted to without a poke in the ribs. She was pretty good at having a system for packing that worked well. After the Fatboy I had 3 Roadkings before I bought the Electra Glide Classic. Nice....tour pack and radio..............

Out west is a great place to ride. Enjoy Clint.
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