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Hey guys,
I've been reading these forums for a while and finally decided to join. I'm a younger guy(27) who has been around X-frames my whole life. My dad and I picked up a 1960 Belair 2 door hardtop when I was about 5yrs old(22yrs ago). It is a 6 cylinder car with a 3 on the tree. Suntan copper with a copper interior. We immediately pulled the body off the frame and put it on a donor chassis with the intention of doing a frame off restoration. Needless to say, some family issues arose and my parents split. The car wound up in a storage unit, but my dad continued to collect NOS parts for it. He eventually moved to Florida, but left the car/parts here. Ive spoken to him recently and gotten the OK to begin working on the project again. He originally wanted to keep it numbers matching, but we decided it would be awfully cool with a tripower 348 and a 4 speed. So far Ive collected a few parts all date coded for early 1960. A 5011 block, tripower manifold with carbs, 2.5in exhaust manifolds, and a Borg Warner T10. Ive also purchased a 409 crank and 333 heads. Id like the engine to appear correct outside and have a little more juice inside. Ive got a lot of questions to ask and appreciate you accepting me into the group! Thanks

Tom Kochtanek

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Welcome aboard! We have a number of members from your area.

Keep your Dad happy and set that original engine and trans aside and build the engine you want. Looks like you are inclined towards building a stroked 348, you're going to like that power :). Seems you've got a great start on things. Guys like Don Jacks can give you good recommendations on cams and related upper valve train options, just let us know what your goals are in terms of performance.

You're also gonna get some calls to post pictures, so get your phone out and make us proud.

Cheers! TomK
I live in the city of West Chicago near St. Charles. I hope to make my way to the storage units soon and Ill get some pictures then. I do plan to keep the original drivetrain stashed away. I plan to take the frame and all of the suspension components straight to the powdercoater for some chassis black powder. Then bring them home to assemble a rolling chassis. The car had a 3 speed with overdrive, so I think the driveshaft length will be correct for a 4 speed. Im super excited to get the car together because Ive never seen another 2dr Belair hardtop in person.

Don Jacks

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While you're adding the posi,be sure to add the straps for the rear end carrier bearing caps.The 380 that you're proposing will destroy that 8.2 ,even in a mild 1 horse per inch tune.One of these little engines can,with the right machining,and parts selection can easily make torque in the 4,40 range by between 3500,and 4000 rpm[killer low-mid range power],and make over 400 horses by a parts friendly 5,500 rpm.