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The 3.70 rear gear is what i thought the overdrive cars would have had and is a good gear to have.A friend of mine found a 4.11 single track in a 58 wagon with overdrive back in the day and put it in a 61 348 3 duce car for a while.I have the ring and pinion along with a posi unit in one of my 63 right now .
I'm finally bringing this post back from the dead with some photo's that you guys asked for 1.5yrs ago. Haha. My dad and I made it out to the storage unit when he came up to visit. I got some pictures of the Belair. We started looking through piles of extra parts and decided we should try to sell off some extra parts to help fund the project. If anyone needs anything 60' related, feel free to give me a shout. Last year I also picked up a 63 Biscayne that Ive been working on. I'll include some pictures. IMG_7378.jpg IMG_7379.jpg IMG_7380.jpg IMG_6293.JPG IMG_7170.jpg IMG_7202.jpg IMG_7329.jpg IMG_7440.jpg IMG_7439.jpg