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It’s been a productive week on the building.
They installed siding on 3 sides,framed the apartment interior walls,hung the doors and windows,and strapping for the Sheetrock ceilings.I am amazed at where we are at considering the footings where poured July 27.The goal is to be moving in the first of Oct. 02773E9E-36EC-4713-8E8C-9B32505B8CED.jpeg 1ACE7B7B-A4AC-43CC-8EC5-4D72F1BD45C3.jpeg 53CC80D7-4EBC-4D23-B398-A3F1AC589483.jpeg D9F8DE3E-67D1-44E7-93CF-ADA39C2C2C68.jpeg 7DA074F6-491E-42D6-950B-AC029BC5480C.jpeg