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Welcome to the group, and I must say your uncle had an awesome dream! That is definitely a special piece and a very very nice car. If it was his dream and he thought so much of you as to pass it on to you I think you should complete his dream! I'm sure after 5 years it would be easily said that it is your dream too.:idea to keep the dream going you will never regret it, you'll enjoy it! Sorry about your loss and you'll never forget him.:burnout and I'm sure he's saying WHAT ARE YOU WAITING
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It is now your car, and what others have to say, doesn't count. Finish the build, and enjoy the car the way that your uncle wanted you to. It isn't like your are changing a historic artifact that there is only one of. There were lots of '62 Chevy Impala coupes built, and from day one, people started to change them to suit their own passions. Show us the pictures of your installation of that engine. Time is just about the only thing that you can't save, so don't waste your time deciding. Your uncle made that decision for you.. Start Moving !!!!
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