New Vintage Super Stock Series

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How did you know----Big D:facepalm
I'll probably catch you there in September................on limburger........:appl:appl........Hey, do you go to the Cedar Valley Street Rods day at Earlville on August 14th.....I'm probably going to that to get a little more track time in.


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The track has made a small pricing adjustment as follows:

A $20 entry fee to the track covers the truck and trailer and all persons inside. $50 entry fee with your tech card to enter the event. All spectator admission is $20 a car load. Bring all your friends and family in the vista cruiser and everyone gets in for 20 bucks! You may also participate in open time trial runs separately after being eliminated from the event, or come back up with the group and run behind the cars still in eliminations with a staggered index tree. Grudge race your friend or foe or just run extra test laps and still be able to enjoy your day even if you lost!


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US41 Motorplex, Morocco, IN. It's about 30 mins south of US30 on US41. Or about 50 mins south of the I-80/94 Indianapolis Blvd exit.


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An update for those planning to attend the September race. Our August event was rained out and will be made up on Sunday September 18th. The purse for that event will not be hosted by the track, but will come from the collective entry fees from the racers, so it is to be determined based on car count. However if you were planning to attend Saturday, you are also welcome to race Sunday.


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Does anyone have a good link to the rules for the up coming races.
Thanks James
I believe they are loosely based off of the NMCA rules. Most NSS index races are. The track wants to grow the class so I think car count is more important conforming to every detail in the rule book. I bet as long as you fit the "spirit" of the rules, you'll have no problem. That's my take on it.