New York Shaker Start up


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A little side note.....The Dyno run at Carl's was the last time this thing had run. I assumed that once the new tank, fuel lines, etc. were connected, it would fire right up and run as it did on the Dyno. It literally cranked on the 3rd revolution. Then it immediately poured gas from the rear carb. I pulled the top off and it had debris in both bowls. Cleaned everything. .....Same problem.....gas everywhere.....enough gas vapor in the garage to explode.

I finally adjusted the floats....:facepalm.......all is leaks.....:pepper...took the thing apart 6 TIMES. :angryI dropped the idle down to 650 to see if it loaded up and it ran fine. The video is at 650. Set at 900 now.

Before final assembly, I performed the Russ C. test on the floats........Worked just like he said:thinkThanks Russ (Don Jacks too)