New Z12 409 High performance Heads


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Looks like at least 7 people are going to have a great year! My budget says I won't be one of those 7, but still am looking forward to a nice 2016.
Are there any changes to these heads compared to the parts they are replacing? I remember when you first announced them you mentioned new Z11 style heads & lower intakes (both pictured) and you mentioned the single plane "690 style" intakes from the other thread....... no mention of the upper intakes for the Z11 style heads.
I'm pretty sure they will be produced or you wouldn't be making the other parts, but curious as to why they aren't mentioned. Is there going to be a new/improved design there?

Tom Kochtanek

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I need to call my accountant :).

Actually I don't have one, but I do have a wife that seems to monitor my PayPal account for expenditures :) :) :).

Congrats on the unfolding developments, and let us know if there is a sign up list for Round 1.

Cheers! TomK