Newest addition to the ranch.

Jeff Olson

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This is Rosie. She was a rescue dog that was fostered by my buddies daughter for almost a year. She had been badly beaten and neglected before Nikki got her. I had met Rosie on several occasions and she is a sweetheart so we decided to adopt her. She is still quite timid and scared of almost anything but she is coming out of her shell more all the time. Rosie is a Plott Hound. I never heard of such an animal but I guess they are common in the southeast. State dog of North Carolina I think. Anyway, guys this is Rosie. Rosie, these are the over age juvenile delinquents I was telling you about.
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That's so nice of you Jeff to give Rosie a good home. Best wishes with her. My youngest daughter has a Golden Retriever and is in the process of adopting another one that was abandoned. This dog was abandoned because he had some serious eye injury that required the removal of both eyes. Yup, he is blind. I don't know how anyone can leave a dog like that or any animal. I commend and respect her for what she wants to do. I just hope it works out for everyone, Carmine.