Newly acquired 64 3/4 ton

Greetings forum friends. I have just acquired a 1964 3/4 ton GMC truck. It's been slightly modified because it was a work truck and is now my driveway plow truck. Custom flatbed, 350 motor and 350 trans ripping awesome power. Turns out I have decided not to put my 64 truck 409 motor in my 100% all original 283 62 impala sport coupe. Does anyone find a 64 3/4 ton GMC with a 64 Chevy truck 409 appealing in a 64 GMC truck or should I just sell and or keep plowing snow up here's in Marble, Co at 8,000 feet?


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I would put it in the 62 as well, although you would probably have the only plow truck with a 409:eek


I'll go against the grain here and agree with you on leaving the 62 original. They're only original once and nothing wrong with a 283.

My suggestion is to find another body to put the '09 in! That gives you an excuse to buy another toy. :deal

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Okay,Given that the typical 3/4 ton GMC truck in 64 came with a Dana 60 rear in it[usually geared around 4.56] you woulnt have to worry about rear end strength,the old truck 4 speed would have to go,but an overdrive trans would give you both power when needed,and cruising comfort in good weather,I'd say go for it.It could make a really neat truck,but then you probally wouldnt want to ruin the paint and body work plowing snow with it.
Well, the 62 is staying all original because I'm the second owner and it has 45,000 original miles. I hate to say it but I am selling it soon because it just sits in the corner of my shop with a bunch of other vehicles in front of it collecting dust and I have decided its not the car I want to restore. I was torn about selling the 409 because its numbers on the block say it also is a numbers matching for a 64 super sport and I want to find one. So I'm thinking no on the 409 in the 64 truck.

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Sounds like what I went through some time ago. I got a complete 62 QB engine and went looking for a car to put it in. I bought a pristine 64 Impala SS, at a low price I might add. As I started looking the car over it was way too original to change engines so I sold it for a profit at that. I found a very nice 62 Impala with a 6 cyl 3 spd, perfect to change out to a 409 4 spd clone type car. Keep looking, I just wouldn't waste that engine in a snow plow.


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I've been thinking about the same thing recently. I've been looking for a 63 or so C-10 pickup to put a 09 in.
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Very cool, I'd love to see some pics. Ive been on the 67-72 chevy truck forum for a long time, but am new to this site. Just not a lot of info on the truck forums, so I opted for a more specific site for the engine. Glad to see some 1st gen c-10 trucks here....and of coarse the GMC's.

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HEY!? I already said that! dajavue!:crazy I'm running a 4 speed manual. I have the low performance heads and using a 348 tripower manifold. Like the looks and saves a lot of gas over the 2x4's


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Sorry, I overlooked that. I still haven't decided what route I want to go on the intake and the fuel system. But leaning towards the tri carb set up or just a single four barrel.