Newly acquired 64 3/4 ton


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I saw this pickup a few years back. I think it had a tri power 348 :scratch
Anyway, it was really well done. It even had a 61 Impala steering wheel and a 61 Impala factory style tach just to complete the theme.

From what I've heard, NASTY 409 did a beautiful job of a truck with a 409. Apparently the engine was green and looked like a regular truck engine.
I'd love to see some pictures of that one.


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emblem1.jpg emblem2.jpg truck wheel.jpg There are actually a few pieces that the early apache/c-10s shared with the cars. The 1958 car glovebox emblems (chevy script) was carried over to 1960 trucks for the deluxe custom cabs. It was also placed on the glovebox doors. They also used the 58-59 style deluxe steering wheels with the horn trim rings through the 1960-63 year model trucks. These are some pics of the parts I have picked up for the 348 fleetside build. Both parts are correct for 60-63 chevy trucks.