next question - piston to head clearance


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Because I can see #8 kissed the head. I am ALMOST sure it probably happened when the bearing spun. I am concerned with my technique anytime something goes wrong or can't be explaned. I have measured the high side of the piston, flat part. Rocked back and forth and get .046 and .024. this should be .035 out.

Is this to much??? .066 gasket = .031 clearance. The other holes are closer to .029 out = .037 clearance.


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:crazy:crazy:crazy:facepalm:confused:dunno2 Yea, I miss Ronnie. I try to use .040 as a minimum. I thinkwhat I SHOULD do is shorten #8 .005 and buy .070 gaskets.
OR Shorten #8 about .007 and use .066 gaskets.:juggle:wacko
Oh and good to hear from you to buildit:salute

Don Jacks

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I'd suggest shortening the number 8 by .007 myself.Are you thinking milling the piston top or rebushing the rod .007 shorter?

Fathead Racing

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If you can mill the piston for free, why don't you mill them all the same?
I would shoot for a number that you could use the fel pro out of the box gaskets.
Fel Pro out of the box head gaskets seem to be .038 to .040 compressed thickness. Good to maybe 10.5 compression possibly a little north of that if everything else is near perfect. I always tried to get my pistons at .000 out of the hole so I could use the Fel Pro’s. The pistons I have now were supposed to be .000” out of the hole but someone that was helping me calculated the pin height based on a undecked block. I had to do a little tap dance to find the correct gaskets to get my quench.