NHRA Division race this weekend..St. Louis


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Well...since inquiring minds want to know and since Phil is in sensed.

This goes back quite a while and requires some background. Phil and I had a common friend...since passed...Tom Jones. Tom...like the rest of us had an early interest in Chevys and in particular 409s. He bought...sold...and built 409s. Tom was a wheeler dealer...you might say the Phil Reed of Springfield I often bought different things from Tom...Phil did too. We all had the same interest

I know that several of you who know Phil well have noticed that when he gets excited his voice goes up an octave

One day I was in Tom's garage....Looking the inventory over. Something caught my eye. When I asked about it Tom was a bit reluctant to sell it....seems someone else was interested. I said something like..."bet you're selling it to Phil Reed". Tom's response..."I'm not selling it to the squeaky little bastard!" ??? Now remember this was among friends...but for years...in a small group...of 409 fans...in Springfield....we all knew who the "squeaky little bastard" was.

Remember this story is told with great respect to both the living and dead. Phil said that sense Tom was dead...he couldn't be mad. I figure since Tom is gone he can't be mad at me for telling...I rather think he is enjoying it

As a disclaimer....I have never referred to Mr Reed as a "squeaky little bastard"