Interested in participating in NHRA HOT ROD REUNION 348-409 eliminator class 2017

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scott hall

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Fellers I'm not good at keeping paper work so I'll give you what I have as far as stats. Qualifying broke down like this.
1. Kevin Wilson 63 Imp Tupelo MS 9.81@133.58
2. Randy Kirker 31 Ford Sanborn NY 10.65 @121.42
3. Bryan Fugate 63 Imp SS Norwalk OH 11.38 @119.64
4. Lonnie Hall 62 Imp SS Dayton OH 11.38 @118.25
5. Dave Coots 63 Imp Vinton IA 11.81 @116.04
6. Joel Czopek 62 Belair Golden CO 11.92 @111.81
7. Jerry Kuenster 59 Elco Lancaster WI 12.08 @ 109.25
8. James Schrader 62 Belair Hartsburg MO 12.77 @ 105.27
9. Martin Key 62 Bubble Woodburn KY 13.42 @ 107.01
10. Ricky Inghram Willoughby OH 61 Biscayne 14.06 @ 99.87
11. Mark Steele Falconer NY 62 Biscayne 14.93 @ 93.36

First Round had
Wilson/Steele Wilson wins
Kirker/Inghram Kirker wins
Fugate/Key Fugate wins
Hall/Schrader Hall wins (Schrader broke on burnout)
Coots/Czopek Coots wins
Kuenster gets the bye (best light last time run)

Second Round
Wilson/Kuenster Wilson wins
Kirker/Fugate Fugate wins
Hall/Coots Coots wins (Hall broke on launch)

Third Round
Wilson/Coots Coots wins (Wilson red light)
Fugate has bye best light second round

Coots/Fugate Fugate wins (Coots red light)

All the races were close that weren't broke or red lights

I would like to personally thank everyone for coming out and making the event a success. Without the racers and there family and friends the fun just wouldn't have happened. Thanks to Martin for spearheading the event and supplying the trophy. Thanks Loreen Ingrhram, Linda Bell (Key to be) and Karen for all they're hard work you ladies were great. Mike Bells family made the trip to visit friends and celebrate his life and fathers day at his favorite place. I feel the event was a success and hope everyone enjoyed themselves and felt welcome. Had several people come up to us and say they are putting a 409 together to come race with us next year. The Wilson's from Mississippi say they'll be back and will bring more 409 to cars race. Looking forward to racing and visiting again next year. We are Invited To Return so lets get together and show them and the fans what the 409 cars are all about. Its amazing to watch the people when its our turn to run, they fill the staging lanes, they take pics of the cars and tell us how nice and cool our cars are. I watched it happen every time we were in the lanes. The car count was down in all classes but watching the stands be as full for us as the top fuel cars was really cool. Not as full with the other classes. Again thanks to all that came out, racers, show cars and any people that we talked to that might now be wanting to join the site.

Thanks Scott Hall

If there is something that could make it better tell Martin LOL
we'll try to get it done.

Tom Kochtanek

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Many thanks to all those who were a part of the event! James and I had a great time, looking forward to next year and better used parts to slap together :) :) :).

A good time was had by all, and the social aspect was just as compelling as the racing. Actually, given the collective stories from everyone, I think the bench racing was the most competitive :).

I trust everyone made it home safely, although Ricky and Loreen are probably driving around Kentucky somewhere on the way home... (they like the side trips as well!).

Congrats to all the racers and to their families!




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Yes, we are still on our way home, decided to take an extra day and do some more sightseeing. We had a great week and really enjoyed seeing everybody. I have some more pictures to post once we get home. Like Scott said, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions let Martin know and I'm sure he will have Scott or I do it..

Bub6le 2op

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Congratulations to Bryan for the WIN and Dave (The Crusher) for a great Runner up finish, Thanks to Mark Steele for doing the shirts again I think he might have a few left so get in touch with him if you need one, Scott Hall said it exactly right................. I'd like to thank everyone that came, and especially Scott and Karen Hall, Ricky, and Lorene (The Barrel Crusher) Lorene went all out with side dishes, fruit, and kept the grill going with meat furnished by the THE FATTED CALF, Italian sausage, chicken quarters, Hot dogs and Brats, and thanks to everyone else that thru something on the grill, and or brought cheese, crackers, chips. Lorene also kept music from the 60's going. The women hung lights and made sure everything went smooth. Oh yeah Linda was busy trying to keep me straight, full time job, next year i'm hiding the saddle before Ricky and Scott get here..............they know what I mean. Thanks to all the guys that raced and everyone that came and made the show what it was, I hope everyone had a great time and I look forward to seeing you all again next year and hopefully add some to the mix.
THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS EVENT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! we'll see ya next year.

Martin and Linda

La Hot Rods

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I hope to be there next year with a sorted car. Looks like it wasn't as oppressively hot as last year. Sad I missed it but too many irons in the fire.
It should be on every ones bucket list for next year.....Where else can we just have fun with are friends and get a chance to throw down on the track for 3 days and be invited to do it.
Tom says we need to have 2 cars next next year......do you think he is planin on driving one next year :good