NHRA Hot Rod Reunion

The Prehistoric Rat and I arrived home last Sunday night. After nearly 2 weeks away from home, there was much to do around the house, and I needed
rest; but just couldn't go to bed tonight without thanking everybody for making the Hot Rod Reunion such a terrific event. Everyone was gracious and
made us feel welcome, and we are honored that we got to race with all the 409s. The organizing by Al and Martin was remarkable. How in the world were they
able to do so much for so many ?
I was able to visit with and put a face on lots of people; Ray and his fantastic 1960, Dick Mackenzie, Tom Kochtaneck,, Brian Labombard and his great looking
and fast 1961. It was gratifying to see Ronnie Russel and Barry Taylor. Many years have passed since I last visited with Allen George . And, of course, it's always
my pleasure to see Phil and Candy (poor,poor Candy). If anyone has a special place in heaven, it's Candy !
Thank you all again. It was a blast ! Gary Jespersen

Phil Reed

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Gary.....................glad you got home last night. Candy and I got home Sunday night....................last week. Now I know you had a little farther to go to get to Colorado but............................me thinks it's time for you to ditch the Dodge Ram and get a Duramax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you at Bowling Green that you could just leave your keys in your truck when you park it...............'cause nobody steals a Dodge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad to see you again and spend some time. Wish the event was about 5 days long and we could get all caught up!!!! Your car looked good!! I know you were shooting for that type of performance in Great Bend in 2014. Glad to see that everything looks to be sorted out.
Give Adrianne our regards!~!~!~

Phil Reed

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Don.....................I've known Gary for probably 25 years now................he expects this from me and he's heard it before!!!!!!
Phil, I'm not going to buy a Duramax or anything else for that matter, there is this huge sucking sound that
comes from my shop---- it's a big white rat.
I share your opinion that this past event would have been more fun if Dexter and his pals had been able to make it.

Tom Kochtanek

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Good to get the chance to meet you, and congrats on your performance(s).

I recall meeting you in Indy years back, you were unloading a super straight 1962 Belair, Black over Red, for a customer?

We sure enjoyed the gathering, it was memorable!

Thanks, the pleasure was all mine.
Indy was 2010, Jody Anderson was putting on the National Impala Association big event. I delivered a
1963 SS convertible 409 to a customer there. I brought along my 1962 Z11 bubbletop, which is indeed black
over red. You have an excellent memory !


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I'm very late in getting this done......BUT I have placed about 250 to 300 images of BG on a flash drive and will ship to Al Loy as promised. I shot images of most of the non-race 58 to 65 Chevy I could find in the car show area. All the racers, (I hope), have multiple shots from the trailers, staging lanes and coming off the line. If anyone wants their own set, send me a thumb drive, your address, etc. and I'll make a copy on your drive and get it back to you. There are the group shots that I took also in the lot. My mailing address is :
Dennis Jackson
391 Bluff View Dr.
Guilford, CT 06437

If I could reduce the size of the file of this damn new camera, I would e-mail to those that want images, but I have figured that out yet. I'll post a few so you folks can see some.


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Good pictures Dennis! Thumb drive Will be heading your way! Throw some pics of your your 63 project in there too.
Good job shooting pictures! Thanks for being the photographer.