Non dripper valve coversSOLD

Barry Taylor

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We ran these on a motorin the late 90s we called little stroker. It was 60 over with an1/8” stroke crank in it with full floating pins and the aluminum pin buttons. While changing the oil after 3 or 4 races i noticed a lot of aluminum in the canister filter. We had lost one of the pin buttons. Out it came and no more pin buttons. These originally had breathers and i filled em with JB weld and put a sticker over it. One has a few small dings which i circled. The chrome is ok from a few feet away. The holes are 1 1/4” good race covers or drivers with petina. Will ship for $215.00 thanks for looking. PM me or call with questions 214-952-3990 BT 3447DAC1-D5CA-4417-A54F-D0EED23D1488.jpeg 9F452B3A-43B3-42EA-9E67-858E8DB42186.jpeg 126BDF09-C82F-4921-8126-9C4D9B559CA9.jpeg E9D2E764-1A49-43B4-BFC2-0B2013DF3D1E.jpeg 1DB058BA-5B73-44E8-B7FA-25C0A3D92938.jpeg 6EC3BE27-0F9E-41D6-8C71-0625716F96E7.jpeg