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My '62 had a crack in the paint in the middle of the hood where the PO closed it on the oil fill cap which was sitting on the air cleaner a few years ago. There was also a flaw in the trunk lid. I had talked to a local body shop about getting both reshot. He called me a week or so ago and told me to bring it down. I forgot the leftover paint I had gotten from the PO, so I ran home to get it When I got back, he showed me that he had taken a pick and dug around some where the paint was cracked. There it was- a small rust hole. He then showed me a '63 hood from an Impala he had recently worked on. It had the same problem in several spots. Apparently, the dum dum or what ever Chevy put between the inner and outer panel collected moisture enough to cause a rust hole. The owner of that car had ordered and used a hood from H & H. I decided I would also. The hood was $500 but truck shipping was more that that from Arkansas. They worked to see if they could find a closer less expensive way to ship. They called back and said that it could be shipped from Leetsdale PA. That is about 229 miles from me and is near Pittsburgh. I asked if I could pick it up and arrangements were made to do so. My 2019 Ram Rebel has 10,000 miles on it and it was completely dead a few days before I was heading down. Even though it is under warranty, I purchased a new battery from NAPA and I installed it, figuring I would argue for reimbursement when I returned. It was dead again the next day. Both batteries were down to about 4 volts and the original I had put on a charger for 3 hours and it still didn't have enough juice to crank it. Since it has an electronic shift and electronic everything, it has to have enough juice to even put it in neutral. I called road assistance and they came and flat bedded it away. He dropped it off at the wrong Dodge/Ram dealership. In the meantime, I called my buddy and he drove his truck to the warehouse, which is actually a Dynacorn warehouse. I called in (they knew I was coming) when we arrived at 11:00 am. A worker met us at a dock and slid the boxed hood into the bed while I signed paperwork he had. He immediately left in a hurry for lunch and the rollup door went down. My buddy was arranging it in the bed and said " hey this box is marked 66-67 Nova" What? I called inside again and a Supervisor came out and ended up pulling the correct hood. Thank God I didn't go home with the wrong hood! We made it back home and dropped it off at the shop. Got a call yesterday and he said the hood fit really nice (as did the one he replaced on the'63).
I finally got my truck back today. They found it was the start/stop button that was not going into sleep mode and thereby causing a significant draw. It was discovered by the tech after several days of trying to pinpoint the draw, when he was sitting in the cab without the fob nearby and the truck lit up like it was going to start without any human action. Hope the replacement switch is the answer. I'll know in the morning. Lots of drama.