NSRA street rod nationals


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Deb and I went to the street rod nationals in Springfield Saturday. It was her last Saturday off before she started working weekends at the park for the rest of the summer. Sometimes I get pissed and won't go because I think it's too expensive to go in and look at other peoples cars but they gave us each a $2 military discount so it cost $30 to get in instead of $34. Obviously, there were a lot of nice cars but I went into the building and bought a couple of parts. The highlight of my day was getting my picture taken with Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) he was there with the 2 cars from the show, which he owns and shows. Turns out he lives in Macon, Mo. I got to spend a little time talking to him, he's a really nice guy.
We also watched the autocross for a while, I enjoyed that , too. Makes me want to get back into it, I may go to Neosho and do it on the 9th but it's so damn far.