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While I can't say how many products they are selling are BOGUS, I can say for certain that their upper & lower 63 Impala eyebrow moldings are NOT made by them but are actually re-packaged Corvex brand moldings.

I recently purchased their 63 Impala upper and lower front eye brow moldings to replace another brand I got from Hubbards which were made by Corvex and were poor quality. I bought them from Summit racing (drop shipped right from OER)

What I found was the moldings were NOT made by OER but were just re-bagged Corvex brand, made in Taiwan moldings! The lowers were still in a bag with the Corvex part numbers, simply placed into their brightly colored yellow and black OER bag. Uppers had the corvex part numbers as well as OER numbers on the sticker on outer bag. And of course, they were the same poor quality parts! I placed them side by side, they were exact. Poor shine, some light machine marks and distortion from the bending/shaping process.

On my car, the lowers only slipped into the uppers by about 1/8 inch so they looked odd. (I do have repro fenders so the jury is still out on what's at fault there)

Since I could not return the ones from Hubbards as I purchased them a long time ago while collecting parts for my restoration, I shipped back the OER moldings to Summit. I'll probably have to pay the return shipping of $8.50 but have asked for a waiver due to the quality. Summit I like, OER I no longer trust!

A "parts supplier" like OER (note, not a vendor but a parts maker) that puts other brand parts into their bag is dishonest and sneaky! If I did not have the others and know the part numbers from doing quality searches, I probably would never have noticed. I guess that's what they count on?

I will be avoiding the OER brand parts from now on. An email to the company about this got no replies and the contact form on their website did not work for me. ?? I'm guessing they had no defense about this?

I am not saying all of their products are bad, there may be good ones but avoid their 63 Impala eyebrow moldings at the very least.


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Never even heard of these guys...:dunno
I am a firm believer in buying NOS or restoring original trim. Just picked up some NOS trim for my Ventura at Hershey...:deal
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I had some NOS trim but could never find all the pieces. I just couldn't see putting 1 NOS rear cove molding on one side and a repro on the other! (things like that) I even had NOS eyebrows but even THOSE were not right! They had a "twist" or something, I think rejects. I ended up just getting rid of those pieces and going repro. I must say, most of it isn't bad! The rear panels & trim & side trim are all very nice! The grill could be improved as well as the hood molding's shine but better than what I had. :D

Some company's are on the ball and get it right, it's the ones like OER that are causing the problems. :mad5