Oh what i have done


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I don't need anymore cars or parts but I found a hoarder that has a complete 65ss but is a rust bucket so it's a parts car as even the door hinge area, a white plain impala no motor or trans but decent so that one is a keeper then 3 extra sets of buckets, 4 consoles, trim trim and more trim , spare trunk lids, very nice complete clip, 3 more nice grills and about 30 milk crates filled full of parts+ plus tons more spread among 3 houses so this will be fun and my wife said go for it so here we are, she's probably just trying to keep me busy on my off time so she can watch lifetime! Lol 20181020_180106.jpg 20181020_180058.jpg


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Go for it! They aren't making this stuff any more. I agree with BOB, better you keep it than it gets thrown away! Wish I could find a cache of 62 stuff like that. Have fun.


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So finally after the last 3 months of the guy not returning my calls to pick up the rest of my 65 parts I finally went over there last weekend and pounded on his door in the hood so I could get my crap which was a super haul but 1 thing that has me curious is this step on a rear bumper end? Was this for a wagon and is it a factory thing and is it worth hanging on to? 20190202_204120.jpg 20190202_204124.jpg

Don Jacks

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Dad's 61 and 63 wagons had both sides.Both were stock,and I've seen many others as well.Only on the 9 passenger models however.