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Expectations seem too high. Let me reset the bar. To use Scott Hall's term...Jackshaw is a day two car. If it were a concourse restoration it would be a base 283 sport coupe..,3 on the tree...with a heater delete. That was on day one. On day two it was an A/Fx Z11. The "restoration police" will have a field day pointing out the things that are wrong. The car was an old race car...has always been a race car...we freshened up a bit...but put simply..."It is still just an old race car"
Well put Russ! I figure when you're restoring a car or tribute car that you do the homework to put it in the original racing shape and condition. No one can be 100% sure of the way it was except the guy that built it. I'm sure you've done a fine job! Looking forward to seeing it this weekend.:D
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Someone had posted pictures of a Z 11 intake........ It had holes..... extra holes....... and it was suggested ......that maybe there was some hidden nitrous......