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Since I only know about 64 409 shrouds, as I have one, they are one year only and are completely different from the early design. But, from memory, the 59-63 W fan shroud doesn’t have the large ribs on the shroud. The pictures are hard to tell but the shroud looks too wide, as it seems too long from the radiator upper tank to the end of the shroud. Maybe another member that has an early shroud can measure this depth and post it. I am not doubting that the shroud is not correct because it did bolt up with the radiator, it just looks different than what I remember the early shroud to look like. The 64 shroud has those large ribs but is not that deep. Maybe cut the shroud to have the fan blades half in/ half out?
Your 64 shroud has large ribs?

Don Jacks

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I have been in contact with Tony regarding his overheating problem. He has had both head gaskets replaced to fix that problem. He still has an overheating problem the motor runs at about 230-240 degrees. The fan is not centered on the shroud, the back of the fan is pretty much flush with the back of the shroud, nowhere near centered. He has a clutch fan that bolts directly onto the wp which he purchased from SC. He does have the correct shroud. Attached are some pictures, they are a little dark and kind of hard to see.
Tom,Where does the 230-240 temp show up?>Idle and lows peed[under 35 mph] or at road speeds?Does it get hotter or cooler as speed increases?Low speed would be fan/shroud,high speed leans toward insufficent coolant flow.


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Rat, your shaft on the clutch fan is much shorter than Tony's, that could be the problem. On second look maybe not so much, I can't really tell.
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Your 64 shroud has large ribs?
I think so. It’s been a while since I have looked at it. I remember the 64 shroud looking very different from the 59-63 shroud. Since my 64 was born with a sm block, I have been salting away parts for years. I have the engine built and ready to install but owning my own business, family etc., keeps me from getting back to my car. I got the shroud from Jody Anderson along with the correct radiator tanks and straps then had a radiator built. Are there two different early shrouds? Not meaning to hijack this thread. Maybe I should do more research before posting.
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