Pack Wrat


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Out of curiosity, which fuel injection system will you go with? Since my build is stalled, I may see if it makes sense to go with a setup other than F.A.S.T.
Drove down to Willows California this past Tuesday. Met up with Mr. Jack Gibbs and we put faces to names and voices. Jack showed me around and we discussed several motors in various phases of assembly and collaboration. We loaded my van with misc parts but more importantly my 482ci stroker that is destined for my 62' SS Impala!!! so excited. I need to modify the tunnel to accept the TREMEC T56 MAGNUM...other than that she'll be ready to rip!! We also pushed the Pack Wrat onto the 4 post and examined from all angles. Nice job to whomever put their blood sweat and tears into this car...looks like it should track straight! It was a brief but fun visit, many more to come.

Don Jacks

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That car was built by a dearly departed,much loved and highly respected member from this site,Ronnie Russel,and another member,Barry Taylor had a hand in it as well.Barry was also the driver,and yes,it ran straight as a string.Check out Fatride's posting about the 2016 Hod Rod reunion at Bowling Green,Ky.Barry lost first round,so the run is fairly early in the video.
WE are going to do 2 different engine setups for the Pack Wrat. Aluminum 511 with Mcquillen 2x4 intake and 2 special Holley carbs. We are also doing a mechanical Hilborn long stack injection on a iron block. Doing a mock up on it the past few days. I am waiting on 3 of Carls McQuillen intake manifolds, 2 for the 2x4 setups and one with a blower top setup. We will up date later as we get past the trial assembly part of the builds. The blower intake is going to John Beck of Vintage Hot rod who is doing a build for Hot Rod Magazine.