Pet Hummingbird


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I almost stepped on a baby snapping turtle in my shop last week. He must have crawled up from the pond in back of my shop. Sometimes turtles come up & dig holes to burry their eggs in my yard.
I don’t know, maybe he was a fresh hatchling that lost his way. Anyway, I took him down to the pond & placed him on the bank.

Seen a walking stick on the edge of my sidewalk yesterday. Left him alone.

Now these pukin STINK BUGS can all go straight to hell. I hate them bastards !


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Mate, they were so cute when we saw them for the first time in Canada
so small, i thought that they would be around the size of a squirrel
Are all of them named Chip or Dale?

I guess we think rabbits etc are pests here

Same as the first time i saw a mole (4 legged variety, i was married to a 2 legged one once)
I couldnt see how people could hate them so much
That was until i saw my friends lawn in NC, man they can make a mess for a little animal



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