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I have the III module, coil, and the wires they recommended. I still have the factory distributor in my 348, just swapped points for the module. As mentioned earlier, the III has a rev limiter, but otherwise I don’t know how it differs from the I or II.

To me it wasn’t a question of why to do it, but why not to. Note: no ballast resistor with the Pertronix stuff.

Don Jacks

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I can think of several reasons not to,and not one reason to.Is he absolutly certian that he has solid core wires? I can't remember the last tine that I saw a set of those in the last 3 or 3 decades.Maybe he has a set of the "spiral core" type that kinda looks lies solid at first glance.


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in my 63 340hp, I’ve been using the Pertronix ignition I over 10 years. No failures at all. I used 8mm wires with a core of carbon/ graphite conductive material, high resistance suppression fiberglass wrapped with 3000-7000 Ohms per foot resistance. Never a problem.