Phantom 409 Sighting


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I dunno :rub we still have the Pontiac and that race at Bowling Green is coming up fast.
We do want to sell the Pontiac but it sure would be nice to get down there for one last race.
I'm not sure we can make it though. The car is ready to go but we have a lot of other things keeping us busy around here. :confused

Phil Reed

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Just like Dr. advice is FREE!!!!!!!

#1. In 10 years when you look back, will you remember all the work you got done in the middle of June....or will you remember all the good times and friends in Bowling Green???????? (PS....I can answer that for you????? Remember 409 convention in KC 2004????)

#2. Bring the car to Bowling Green with a FOR SALE sign!!!! National meet, ALL kinds of people and National TV!!!! What's NOT TO LOVE?????

This advice is brought to you by Phast Fill.
No need to thank me!!!