Phil, it’s ain’t looking good


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21-0 first quarter, there’re losing, didn’t see that coming. I have fingers crossed and will be cracking a second beer.
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Tom Kochtanek

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Don, Andy Reid used to live here in Columbia, MO. Back then he was an assistant football coach for the Mizzou Tigers. He is a devout Mormon and had a number of kids, one of whom was my older boy's age. I remember dropping my son off some years back to a birthday party for his oldest :). He's definitely one of the good guys :).

Cheers! TomK


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I always liked Andy, but he always lost the big games. I usually root for him but don’t always root for his teams. I was a Buffalo fan when Jim Kelly was qb, I was a Patriots fan when Drew Bledsoe was qb, couldn’t understand why they benched him for some rookie named Brady. :D:D

im very pleased to hear Phil is sending us all Chief’s shirts though. :winner:winner


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Thank you to all who were rooting the Chiefs today!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing comeback !!!!!!!!! We think we have the NFL's best quarterback!!!!!!!!

Steve......what size shirt do yo wear???? Gotta be appropriately dressed on game day!!! Let me know ASAP!!!!!
Sent a PM, Phil