Pics from the 2019 GM employee car show

These are photos I took of my car at the GM Tech Center in Warren MI last week. It was their annual employee/contractor/retiree car show. About 6 to 700 cars were there including some cool concept cars GM drug out of the Heritage collection and put on display. One of the vehicles there was a Futureliner bus. What a opportunity to get a shot of your GM car with that bus in the background.



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Some nice pics. Thanks for sharing. That '56 Buick convertible looks real sweet. Don't see many of them anymore. That bus was at a large car show in my area a few years ago. Got up close to it. Definitely different, Carmine.


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Saw the Futureliner at the first Trifive Nationals five years ago in Bowling Green. Really cool vehicle. Also saw the #1 stamped chevy small block there.


Fuzz, glad you saw the first production 265.

The first casting of the 265 is in their museum.

Mine is the first Production 265 which was Zora Arkus Duntovs test engine he actually blew up in testing in ‘54.

It was the first solid lifter 4 barrel engine.

I received a call from Woodys Hot Rods and we took the 265 to Bowling Green.

Below are a few photos of the engine and a copy of the letter Zora wrote to his boss about Chevrolet’s failing future if they don’t do something.

I included it as a poster along with a lot of other info.
EC15EBC3-3CD8-4209-904A-59361A2129A5.jpeg B3D72D0B-55BC-4431-A2BD-E48C1B7D4BA4.jpeg 35251C2D-8990-4985-959D-91D572401F73.jpeg BFFAAE5C-8ADC-4123-8DF9-1485C6B2831B.jpeg


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Watched a show today where they rebuilt that Futureliner bus. Badass.....i had to edit this because im wrong here...apparently the show i saw was rebuilding bus #3. It was the one that had a jet engine in it for display.
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Chris Sondles that owns Woodys and puts on the show there in Bowling Green called me about the 265. I was out of town then so Al took it to the Tri-Five Nationals, he wanted to go also.
Anyway, Al told me some guys in suits from the Corvette Museum were snooping around the engine taking pictures.

As far as I know they are the only ones from Chevrolet that know about it.

I did hear from the museum earlier this year about putting it on display for a while. Might do that.