Pocahontas Predictions


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I wouldn't give you a dime for a dozen of the Ancestory DNA results. I had mine done because a sale price was offered. They have me down as being French and an Ethiopian Jew. WTF?? They must have gotten mine mixed up with Fifi the poodle. I have a pic of the ship and manifest listing my grandparents names when they came to this country from Italy in 1903. If I lived closer, I'd sue them to get my money back. Total ripoff. Save your money and buy W engine parts, Carmine.
Ethiopian Jews are black...

1958 delivery

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Gotta love when the Indians says she's full of crap:

A descendant of legendary Native American Pocahontas has called on Senator Elizabeth Warren to apologize for her claims of being of Cherokee ancestry.
Earlier this week, Warren released the results of a DNA Test to “prove” she’s Native American, though the results have been widely mocked.
The report shows that Warren is between 1/64th and 1/1024th% Native American, and her closest Native family member existed between 6 and 10 generations ago!