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POR makes many products but I'll just review the ones I've had experience with. (your mileage may vary) :D

Silver POR-15: Never EVER again! Where ever I used the silver, it lifted or raised bubbles in every pore or rust pocket. My paint looked like Braille on steroids! The silver they boast contains fillers or heavy pigment to help fill in heavy rusted pock marked metal. BLAH! This stuff should be pulled off the shelves NOW!!! I had to redo all parts where I used this junk! Thanks POR!

Gray POR-15: Too thin. It was much too thin for my liking. (unless runs are your thing...)

Clear POR-15: The clear is designed thin as it has no pigment and works ok for certain things. I used it on new steel brake lines and other parts I wanted to leave natural without rusting. Bottom line: I won't be buying it again. This one is also very prone to runs...

Gloss black POR-15: works ok but I don't see a need to have a gloss finish when using POR 15 as it should be top coated anyway due to fading from UV light. No sense top coating over a shiny surface when semi gloss is available.

Semi gloss black POR-15: This is the best one. It's the only one I'll buy from now on. I've had very good results with it but remember, prep is VERY important with POR paint. If prepped correctly, it's very useful. Prepped wrong and you'll be able to peel it off in ribbons!

Another thing to note is some of their products are really nothing unique. Their solvent for one, same as any other brand and any will work with their products. Another would be their etch primer. Any etch primer will do, no need to pay extra to buy their brand. Their metal prep is probably the same as prep-n-etch but costs a lot more money.

POR-15 engine paint was total garbage! It was like water. Would take 40 coats to cover an engine. Had loads of fun cleaning it off my fresh rebuilt engine so I could spray it with VHT. (which I should have used to start with!)

POR-15 patch: This one is unique. I don't know of anything else like it and it does work well for various uses like pin holes. Just try to use it up as quickly as possible as it won't keep too long once opened.

POR-15 2 part epoxy putty: Nothing special here. It's the same thing that most others sell such as JB weld, etc. Works well but may find cheaper in other forms.

Manifold gray heat paint: This is a good one. It's just as good as the Eastwood brand I've used. I have purchased it twice so far and very happy with it. I use it on headers & exhaust manifolds. It lasts a few years until it needs a re-do. (cars stored outside will not last very long however)

Well this is just my experiences.


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What I have noticed, Bob, is since they changed their name to Absolute Coatings, ( used to be Resto Motive) their Paint is less toxic. :dunno I have always used their Silver, with Great results. I painted the frame, on my 64 six years ago, and it still looks OK.:clap Now, I have found out, that Lacquer thinner, and Brake Fluid, will soften it up, and it can be scrapped off.:bat I remember, how strong it smelled, when the top was removed. They even warned people, not to breath it in.:no I believe, it became a victim of these crazy, environmentalist's a$$holes. You're right, the Black is still pretty decent.:appl

Tom Kochtanek

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I'm peeling some of the gloss Black POR off of a frame on my '62 convert project, the previous guy brushed it on the frame rails and some other areas. It came off in ribbons, as Bob mentions :(.

I've used POR successfully on an X frame that I dismantled and had sand blasted. I did the "three step" process (etching, etc.) on the bare metal, then brushed two coats of POR-15 on it. While the final coat was setting up, I sprayed Chassis Black over the top. That was maybe 6-7 years ago. The frame sits outside under a tarp (sometimes, it blows off a lot) and the frame still looks good. I bet I can scuff it and shoot it with Chassis Black and it will look good.
I did another frame and let it sit outside on purpose to see how it held up. That was also 5-6-7 years ago. Still adhering to the frame, with minor prep done.

I've used the silver POR on a chrome bumper that was quite corroded, and over time it dulled out to look like it was made of aluminum :



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I've never used a POR product. I think I found them to be a bit too pricey for me. Most of the things I heard about them, were good. I did hear that if you got it on your skin, it was very difficult to remove. I've used a product called "Zero Rust" and also Rustoleum which I found good enough to satisfy my needs. As with any paint, its all in the prep work, Carmine.