Post any upcoming events you know of...


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Mark Steele

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Bob, please start a thread for 2016 events. You know a lot of us guys are up in our 70's and as much as we want, some things don't go on for ever. I'd like seeing four events this side of the Mississippi.
1. The one in Hagerstown in June is great!
2. How about one in the Columbus area in July?
3. One in Michigan in August.
4. One someplace else in September.
This is what I'd like to see, a good active program that is located in attractive locations so guys can travel to the event without breaking the bank.
People love to see we 409 cars. Our men really have some fast cars and the people appreciate them. I will help where ever and when ever I can. The Mason- Dixon event in Hagerstown serves as a real example of a great event.
Regards, Mark


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Around august 24th there's an event in Columbus Bo and Denny are going I'm planning to be there to and I think Ray is going maybe Lonnie and Scott anyone else up for it.

Mark Steele

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Sounds great! As I learn more information, I'm planning on coming. I hope others will also. Could you post the name of the track and the approximate dates. Thanks a lot.


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The Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise is always the 3rd weekend in August.
No racing, but it's CARS & CARS & CARS from 8 mile road to Pontiac and back, 16 miles in both directions.
At the same time in Flint, Mi, around 40 miles north of Pontiac is the Back to the Bricks Cruise, that is close to Woodward in size.


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Notice for all who attended this year's Mason-Dixon event:

Thank you again for your participation and help in making this a successful event. While there, I was approached by Fred Bear from the S&S Racing Team and he told me how impressed he was with our field of cars. He has asked if we would be interested in attending the Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, Kentucky June 16-18, 2016. He recently confirmed with Steve Gibbs, the NHRA event coordinator and they would like us to attend. This happens to be the largest NHRA nostalgia event in the country.

Now the dilemma...the following weekend will probably be the Mason-Dixon event. Although, please know that date has yet to be confirmed. I will not be able to do both and imagine most of us can't due to logistics, timing, etc. I need everyone's input on this. I've been asked by Fred to have a definitive answer by Labor Day so we can be included in their planning. We would have to have a minimum of 16 race cars. As of this time, I don't have any info on show cars.

Please let me know your thoughts. I know you'll have a lot of questions but I won't have the answers right now. Assuming this comes together, would you attend a 3 day national event with national coverage in lieu of the local venue? If enough of you are interested and willing to commit, I'll proceed with the effort. If not, we'll decline.

If you would like to attend the national event, I've been asked to provide a profile sheet for each race car along with a good quality photo. It's up you all...let me know.


Bub6le 2op

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HEEELLLL Yaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!of course I'm right here, but that's what I'm talkin about, hey Al this needs to be a thread in EVENTS