Post any upcoming events you know of...


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Mark Steele

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Bob, please start a thread for 2016 events. You know a lot of us guys are up in our 70's and as much as we want, some things don't go on for ever. I'd like seeing four events this side of the Mississippi.
1. The one in Hagerstown in June is great!
2. How about one in the Columbus area in July?
3. One in Michigan in August.
4. One someplace else in September.
This is what I'd like to see, a good active program that is located in attractive locations so guys can travel to the event without breaking the bank.
People love to see we 409 cars. Our men really have some fast cars and the people appreciate them. I will help where ever and when ever I can. The Mason- Dixon event in Hagerstown serves as a real example of a great event.
Regards, Mark


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Around august 24th there's an event in Columbus Bo and Denny are going I'm planning to be there to and I think Ray is going maybe Lonnie and Scott anyone else up for it.

Mark Steele

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Sounds great! As I learn more information, I'm planning on coming. I hope others will also. Could you post the name of the track and the approximate dates. Thanks a lot.


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The 3rd of August is the Woodward Dream Cruise, things started this weekend with the RoadKill drags (same guys that are on motortrend TV) big event at the M1 complex near Pontiac, MI, on Woodward Ave. They close down one side of Woodward Ave. then hold drag racing. It’s sponsored by Dodge but other makes raced. It’s first come sign-up deal with a cut-off limit.
Then all week car are on Woodward until Saturday’s Cruise.