Project Sequence


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OK I am in need of some advice on the sequencing of my 1962 Impala SS project known as Shoestring 62'

the car is off the frame and I am currently in the process of putting the chassis back together. once that is done I am not sure what to tackle next. Do I build the 409 and exhaust? or start on the sheet metal repairs?

I guess what my biggest question is once I build the engine how long can I let it sit? I could break it in but would not be driving it for awhile (a year possibly). So would it be better to repair the body have the body back on the frame then do the engine and tranny repairs?

Suggestions and comments from those of you that have restored cars would be great. Thanks bunch


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I kinda did it all at once myself..I did the sheet metal replacement whil the engine
and tranny shops did their thing. I then put the engine and tranny in the frame, ran some of the exhaust (coulda run it all I s'pose..), got the rear end sorted out, Then put the body on.
I probably never fired the engine for a couple of months, then never really ran the car for another 5 months or so while I reassembled it.
It is awfully nice to work around the frame rather than under the car..

I painted the firewall (canadian car, and they still did that on the 64's) before
re assembly

hope that helps