PUI door panels 63 Impala


Thought I do my own review of these. :deal (there is another one posted)


I've discovered there's good and bad with these. We'll start with the bad. For the price, these should come with the correct buttons but what you get are ugly over sized buttons that also come on the repro seat covers. Considering a full set of interior panels has 44 buttons, it seems to me that it would have been worth the effort if they located or manufactured the correct ones. They are a significant part of these. Good thing is I was able to remove them and glue my old ones on but it's terrible that we have to do that and pay a premium price.

Another problem is the attaching nails on back break off if you just breathe on them. (some are not lined up properly anyway) About 1/2 of mine were already broken off and lying in the bag before I even unwrapped them! The others just snapped right off with little effort. Ridiculous. These are the same ones I see the vendors selling for $1 a piece. Phooey! They can stick 'em! :bat

Why do vendors even carry garbage like this? Don't they realize it makes them look bad? Once again, the consumer has to jury rig this stuff to make it work. As bad as it sounds, I used double stick carpet tape at each nail location. It seems to have worked. (chewing gum would be an improvement over those nails!)

Another problem at least that I had was during the install was the top rails didn't seem to fit the car very well and on the first install, if you rolled the windows up, it tended to lift the panels. I had to do some bending of the inner door structure to make the front ones work. Not sure why as the new rails looked about the same as the old ones to me. ??

One last problem I had is at the bottom corners, the vinyl was bunched up on the back side of these and glued there and would have made the panel stick about 1/4 inch out. I had to trim these down which did the trick.

The good is they are nice looking, sturdy and come with the molding installed which is nice. They also have the top felt and chrome piece attached. Vinyl is nice and looks correct. And I guess I'm just glad that at least something is available. It's just too bad we have to take pot luck with so many of these repro parts... :( Just thought of something funny, can you see the factory workers putting a car together using repro parts of today? The whole line would be backed up and out the door... :roll
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