Quick carb question, 2g fuel inlet thread size


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Ozzie is correct....7/8"-20 thread.

None of those you linked are what you need. The easiest solution is to drill & tap the stock inlet nuts to 5/8"-20 and use the commonly available banjo size.
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Little update, realised today that I’ve been barking up the wrong tree. This is what I’ve got, as you can see, tube nuts screwing into an adapter/reducer on the carb. The thread on the tube nut measures 1/2 inch. I’m assuming that this is a pipe set from show cars or similar, so anyone know what the thread is? Thankd



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This is the size for the fitting on the carb.
7/8"-20 x 1/2"-20 = Inlet Fitting
If you unscrew the fitting from the carb, you should find the bronze filter there.

Keep in mind that the 1/2"-20 fitting on the fuel line is a flare fitting.
It's not a pipe thread.... so if you're switching to banjo connectors, be certain what you need.
You may need to change the Inlet fitting depending on how you are setting up the fuel line.

Check out this link to see a lot of the different types/sizes available... Quadrajet Parts
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