R.I.P. Brian Thompson you have always been a great friend, you will always be remembered.


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Brian and I burning the midnite oil in Skim's garage 2009, about 2 am we were making adjustments to his decklid for the ragtop, Brian and I were delerious and taking a break. I gave him alot of sh*t for this pic, calling him Bill Clinton, and said I knew he inhaled.


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Like everybody else, I am still numb, sad and holding back tears while reading this tragic news. the only time I ever met Brian, his daughter and her cousin was July 2010 in Ocean City Maryland. Brian and myself are looking at the camera, pictured here also is Robert Street back in the corner and please forgive me, I cant recall the other gentlemans name. i think his handle may be "paint helper" ? also not shown is Dick and Mrs. MacKenzie in attendance that day. after this shot, we last saw Brian searching on the boardwalk. he had given the two teen girls some cash and they were off spending in an unknown location. God Bless Brians family and his memory.

mark johnson

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I'm absolutely floored by reading this. I noticed his Classified ad for his '62 and was actually shocked to see that. I realized that he must be going through some serious issues to sell that car after the incredible effort of time and money he put into it. My heart goes out to his family and friends.


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Man!!! I can't believe it. I just called his phone to see if he was all right after the tornado's going through. Saw the ad for the 62 yesterday. There were some pictures of a car they were working on just posted on Facebook that I saw yesterday. Rest in Peace my Friend.


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I am shocked to say the least. May you forever rest in peace with the Lord my friend. My condolences go to his family. Brian and Mandy Lambert.


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Its strange,For two days now I have been thinking about Brian and how he interacted with everyone on this sight.Gosh,he must had have a ton of stuff going on in his head... You know we all lost a great friend yesterday,but we all are so lucky to know him thru this awesome sight.And whats truely amazing we all feel the same way as if a family member has passed.What an incredible person he was,I only hope that he R.I.P.,and that God looks after him now.,,Looking thru the pictures from Thompson 2009,here's the shot I took of Brian,that Ronnie was referring to.Yep coming out of the shute,window down,arm hanging out of the window!!! What a way to race,but did he have fun!!!!!


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That was the weekend that I first met Brian in person. He had never raced before. I was his coach that weekend. What a time we had laughing and joking and carrying on. Man I'm going to miss him

Don Jacks

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If Brian and Dave ever get together in heaven...........:hide That place will never be the same! May both of our brothers rest in piece and mischief forever:hug

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Wow I stop in this wonderful group of friends a couple of times a day, but I have been busy at the shop with some projects and the Race Car and to hear this is just as bad a day as the last time I missed a couple days and heard the news about Dave. This just shows that life is too short and we need to enjoy what we have. RIP Brian brother Dave has a place next to him.


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This is very sad news. Not sure what's left to say but to hold the family in our thoughts and prayers.


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I have a few photos I would like to post but there should have been photos of a couple of classic moments with Brian. Bob Walker's photo of the Ocean City Mini 348-409 convention was great. A great photo would have been the expression on Brian's face when he was waiting for Brook and her cousin to come back when he realized that they had gone to see the night life on the board walk. The year before that we were at one of the famous seafood restaurants in Ocean City where Brook had ordered a large seafood combination and when asked by Brian how she was going to eat all of it she replied that she was a growing Texas girl! That was a photo moment.
Brian's mom lives about 30 miles from here so there are other classic moments when they came up to visit her.

Brian's Retriever

The Texas Trip December 2010

The Texas Trip 2010

Brian's Texas Food Truck Thompson 2010

Thompson 2009 At work


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Wow I just got a post on Facebook about this, and had to come here to see if it was true. I only talked to Brian on the phone, bought some parts from him. He will be missed, My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Too sad.


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you know I had waited a while to post until now. I cant describe how I feel. I am really hurting right now because my friend Brian did not have to go. I cant get over how many times we would talk about his situation. up until now, I never knew how bad his depression had gotten and the text message that he sent me at 5:23 a.m. woke me up and I responded instantly. I will tell you this, Brian was like my brother. I love that crazy fool lol. He was so good at so many different things I swear he was a true jack of all trades.
I lost one of my best friends. I lost a true friend who would jump in the yukon with the trailer in tow to go half way across America to pull an Impala out of a field with me. Our road trips together will never be forgotten. I have tried to 'be cool and strong' but I have folded, broken down and cried more times than I could count.
I remember our trip dropping off the 59 in Phoenix and he took me to meet ol' Sky Dog, lol what a great time we had visiting.
Brian has hundreds of friends in the Lowrider community that are in mourning as we speak. This guy touched so many different lives across the board, crossing "car lines" he truly was one of a kind.
There were times we had our bouts but we were like brothers. We made up, usually traded a couple parts and we were back on track again. He taught me so much. its truly a waste. I pray for his family and his daughter. I just wished I could have done something.
Ronnie, Brian really cared a lot about you. he thought very highly of you. He could not get over that hill that he faced. it was too much for him to handle in his mind. He told us he was closing shop going to Va. but it wasnt till the very end that the truth came out. Our good friend Bob was there til the very end when it happened and I know since he was the last to see Brian, its hurting him too.
All of us who knew him, lost.
He gave me so much shit for my avatar lol, now good buddy you can get some sleep. Love you brother. see you when I get there. I will never forget you.