Rear window outer trim.


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Is the chrome trim that is on outside of the back window the same for 62-64 2 door hardtop cars? It's a straight piece about a foot long. Thank you for any information, I found some for a 64 SS that is nice but not sure if it will fit.


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All 62 to 64 Impala 2 door Hardtop stainless around the back window is the same on all 4 sides of the rear glass-
The only difference is on 62 Impala Hardtops for the rear glass stainless the factory placed a pot metal chrome with black painted inserts -this trim piece lays partly onto the bottom stainless piece on 62Impala 2 door Hardtops only . 63 and 63 Impala 2 door Hardtops do not have this extra trim pot metal chrome and black trim piece
All the rear glass stainless has reveal molding clips to hold the stainless in place.

The curved stainless around the base of the hardtop from the 1/4 glass to the lower stainless below the rear glass is the same 62-64 Impala Hardtops -these stainless pieces are held on with 3 mounting clips per side (2 horizontal and one vertical per side).

Also 62-64 Impala 2 door Hardtops -all the side glass frames - doors and 1/4's - are the same, plus the drip rail stainless is the same
Vent windows frames are the same for 61 and 62 only and then 63 and 64 vent windows frames are the same.



If your scrounging junkyards, be sure to check the Buicks and maybe Olds & Pontiacs? Some of those used the same roof so probably the same window trim. We need to compile a list of what fits from those cars! :D