WA Restored factory 409 dual quad intake & carbs, 2 1/2" exhaust, 348 block, water pump


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DSCN1381.JPG T DSCN1382.JPG DSCN1381.JPG DSCN1383.JPG DSCN1384.JPG DSCN1385.JPG DSCN1386.JPG DSCN1387.JPG DSCN1388.JPG The intake is in good condition. There are no cracks or repairs in the ports, which is unusual. It seems like half of them are cracked and I have had a lot of them. It does have some bad threads on one of the heater hose bosses so I ran a tap in it and a fitting and I think it will seal fine. One of the thermostat bolt holes has a couple of weak threads on top but I also think that is ok, it's over 3/4" deep and has plenty of threads. All of the carb mounting holes are good. The casting date is 12-15-61. The oil shield was bead blasted and coated with cold galvanized paint and is in perfect condition. The carbs are restored 3361 dated F7 and 3804 dated A8 and have all the factory correct jets and metering rods. The primary throttle shafts were a little loose so I rebushed them. It also comes with some factory (I think) linkage. $1400.
I have 2 driver side 2 1/2" exhaust manifolds in good condition, no repairs or stripped threads that I can tell. These were used from 59-61 on the high performance 348" with 305, 315, 320 and 340 hp, and the 61 409" 360 hp engines, which would make them kind of rare? # 3767583 Both are a bit pitted but one is a little better than the other. $125 each.
I have a 348, 409 water pump #3755797 K1958 The impeller turns just fine but not loose. $50
And a bare 348 block that I was told is .040 over. It has some corrosion on the decks from the water jackets on the heads. i'm not sure this would be a problem. I have $400 in this block. make offer.
I will ship everything except the block for cost only. call Tom if interested. 360-4235131
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