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Another quote or two..."Boo on those snake boots...they're the work of the devil"

"I'm going to be buried in my original Monaco blue 425 hp 63 Impala"

Donald Otis Shaffer was a close friend of nearly 50 years. We're lucky to have 3 or 4 true friends in our lifetime...I was fortunate to know Donnie

63 dream'n

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Man I’m sorry to read that...sad news. The interview he gave for the ‘04 convention video was great!! He bought a 63 Impala brand new!! I think it was an SS, don’t remember what engine/trans...

Never met him, but he loved 63 Chevy’s as much as I do. I posted this before but here it is again in his memory. :salute:salute:saluteStart at 41:00.
Donnie's will be this Thursday. Info at the website above.
Thank you both for the posts........