Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year


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July 31st -August 2nd. Valerie will be coming back to defend THE LONNIE ( Our traveling trophy for the Rock N Race that Dave Mills donated and had fixed up for us).We have a date and me and Don Moyer are working on the dust control already, I'll bring a truck load of hay if i have to. Would be awesome to get the Z11s back again hint hint. I'll be in contact with two more Z11s that are in my area probably won't be finished by then but maybe I can get them to come we'll see. You can't pass up getting to meet and talk to the legendary Hayden Profitt, Wally Bell, Dave Colbert and so many other awesome racers I look up to and have the utmost respect for, sadly I don't think any of the those three are going to make it now. We can't forget the " Z11 DESTROYER PHIL REED" we love ya buddy lol.

1 Scott Hall 1962 Impala
2 Bryan Fugate 1963 Impala
3 Dave Mills 409 Nova
4 Barry Camp 1962 Bel Air
5 Valerie McCombs 1962 Impala
6 Ricky Inghram 1961 Biscayne
7 Gary Jesperson and Lou Savio 1962 Bel Air
8 Dave Coots 1964 crusher
9 Shan Daley 1962 Biscayne
10 Steve Moyer Wully Bully
11 Ray Lehberger 1962 Bel Air
12 Dennis 1955 Bel Air
13 Dave Weslowski 1963 Bel Air
14 Bo Martin 1963 Impala SS
15 Denny Ford Hopefully that dates open for you this year not the same without ya buddy
16 Ralph Dehne 1963 Impala
17 Nate Embacher 1962 Impala
18 Don Kieliszek 1963 Bel Air
19 Randy Johnson 1964 Bel Air Wagon
20 Bob Kopatchko 1962 Impala
21 Gordy 1962 Impala
22 Brian LaBombard 1961 Biscayne
23 Tom Geib 1962 Impala
24 Ken Walsh 1963 Impala
25 Merle Whited 1962 Bel Air
26 Tom Trupa 1960 Suburban
27 John Harrison 1962 Bel Air
28 Kevin Wilson 1963 Impala
29 Dave Horvat Code Red 1962
30 Joe Vega 1961 Biscayne
31 Paul and Caroline Galvin 409 Dragster
109943532_2395378340768462_6267546220631074688_o.jpg C736E52F-7423-485C-B5A6-50CB78015BF2.jpeg
1 Pat Lobb Z11 Colbert car ROLLING CHASSIS
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Dennis....I am happy your contract finally came thru!!!!!! Know you have been a long time without a pay check. To miss their very first meeting they requested, would be a disaster!!!! Just dazzle them with your bullshit!!!!!!
Candy and I are not planning to attend. Hate it but we just feel we have be to cautionary. Have a lot of friends in this group that I would love to visit with but hope that next year will be fine again.
To all the racers......hope you have very low reaction times, quick to the finish line and BE SAFE.
Unfortunately, I have to cancel as well.

My Dr read me the riot act!!

To show you just how bad I wanted to go, I had planned on trusting Phil again :crazy:crazy

W Head

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My son Casey and I were planning on coming, but Casey was operated on 2 weeks ago for cancer. (showed up in his liver). So plans change. Have fun guys!!

W Head

59 Impala 409-2,4s