Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year


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Wanted to put out a BIG THANK YOU to Bryan Fugate for all the hard work he put into this event. His working with track officials and event promoter for our group and rounding up sponsors for our class has been months of work and is much appreciated. Between the bad weather, bad knee, and broken engine he really didn't deserve this much bad luck.
Thanks Dave and everyone else that was a part of this event and the ones that weren’t that feel my pain. At times most of us have wondered why we spend all this money just to go beat on them and not make any with the chance of catastrophic failure always there, the pure adrenaline rush and looking down the track without a care in the world is just a peaceful feeling for me add that I’m part of the greatest group around with many idols and it’s all worth it. The 63 will scream down the track again somehow some way. Thanks for letting me be part of this amazing family.


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What a great group of people ... Many thanks to everyone involved in pulling this all together ...... Bryan for his work to organize the event . Ricky & Loreen and all the others that helped w/ the meals ... other that the weather it was a perfect weekend :appl:appl

I also would like to thank the track owners and the promoter ... I'm not sure what part Mass Traction had in the starting line preparation but that staring line had some serious traction .... :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap

Steven Morgan

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Bryan have you found out anything about your motor? I know that feeling, sometimes you just want to let it set in the shed till you get up the nerve to tear into it. Hope it's noting too bad. Do you still have an automatic in the car? I was kind of puzzled by it locking up the wheels. It's amazing these old 60 year old motors last as long as the do. I don't have any parts except a flex plate and a set of headers, but there yours if you need them.