Roller Tip Rockers 3/8 Kit From Showcars


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I ordered and received roller tip rockers from Showcars. the balls are 3/8" but the rockers are marked for 7/16"studs are the rocker arms the same for 3/8 and 7/16 studs with just different balls in each kit or do I have the wrong rocker arms and need to return them. The rockers are Comp Cam model # 1411-16 and the showcars part number on the box is 5460A that is listed in the catalog as 7/16 rocker arm set. Thank you in advance. Hoppe the Showcar Guys on this forum.

Don Jacks

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I believe that they are the same,but I'd call Show Cars tomorrow to be sure.Comp doesn't list them for the 3/8 stud any longer.They only list them for the big block Chevy and certain Ford engines as a 1.72 ratio with a limit of 350 bs.maximum open spring pressure.Good little rockers.


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I confirmed with Showcars today that the same Comp Cam rocker arms are used for both 3/8 and 7/16 stud sizes, the kits are then completed off with the correct size balls for your application. In my case they just forgot to re sticker my box with the 3/8s kit number and instead left the 7/16 kit number sticker on the box causing my confusion.