Ross pistons


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Up for sale a set of Ross pistons I believe are around 11-1 compression .048 bore for 440 rings ( they were 10.5-1 in my engine with .072 head gaskets and relief in cylinder wall for valve). For 4” stroke crank and 6.385 rods. $500 obo
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I have a 62 409 truck block standard bore. No machine work on it that I know off.
I was considering building a stroker motor out of this block.
Just wondering how these will work. will they work on pump gas 91 or 87 octane ? street driven motor and maybe drag racing...
sent me a note on what phone number to call you on the pistons.
how much use have they had ?

Paul Stensland

Don Jacks

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Paul,in a truck block,assembled with a quench area of around .040,these pistons should put you in the 9.5-10-1 one range.With the right cam and good tuning cruising on 89 should be no problem.87 doubtful.An idea would be to have the "line to line" coating applied to the piston skirts for quieter operation.