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I was referred here by a fellow at a car show in Hamilton Texas a few weeks ago. I am doing a frame-off resto-mod of my first car: 1961 Impala 4 door sedan.

Dad bought me this car when I was barely a teenager and it was our project car. He was a professional mechanic, overhauled the 283, installed a 3 speed manual (from the 2 speed powerglide) and repainted it. Dad passed a few years ago before I could get Polly roadworthy again. sigh.

Polly had sat for 30 years ...about 15 in Dad's shop in rural McClennan County, and 15 in my pole barn in rural Erath County Texas. Jan '18, Polly got loaded onto the car hauler and went to the resto shop.

I don't have a 348/409 and as you can see by the pics ... not going to have one ... a 383 stroker EFI is installed. HOWEVER ... I'm here because of the Impala, encouraged by the aforementioned gentleman in Hamilton with the red 59 Impala. If anyone has any references to auto glass vendors who'd have the back glass to my 4 door sedan, I'd be obliged. It seems this piece isn't part of the popular restorations. The original glass is serviceable, but because I WILL be replacing the windshield (big scratch from the wipers) ... I'd like to have all new glass.

thanks in advance


Tom Kochtanek

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I have a back glass from a 1961 Belair 4 door sedan if that is any interest. Pretty sure that would be the same? You can have it for free but I'm in mid-Missouri and don't think it would be an easy shipment. I'd want to verify it's condition as you might want a new one to match the windshield.

Post some pics when you get the chance, we all love to see each other's projects!

Best, TomK

P.S. I'm in Kansas City a lot, I can drop it off there if you know anyone who travels from KC to TX :).
1961 Belair 4 door sedan if that is any interest.
thanks! I'd do a road trip for it! I need to get pix of the back glass itself ... if you can grab a few of yours and send 'em that'd be great!

attached ... a few pix from the public facebook album ... the day I got Polly in '82 ... Dad supervising the overhaul in 85. Stepping to Prom in '86 ... then Jan '18 after having sat for 30 years between Dad's shop and my pole barn.


Tom Kochtanek

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I'll snap some pics when I get back home, probably next week.

I did check to make sure I still have it in one piece, it's all there. Will check condition after cleaning it up a bit. It's been outside for a bit...

Best, TomK
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@W Head ....

caught sight of your '59 yesterday in Meridian. Parading! Nice. Lotta great folks out yesterday for BBQ and car show. What a great combo! Perhaps I mis-read the info, but seemed to be an either/or on the parade or car show. Did you get your '59 entered? I missed seeing it in the exhibition section if ya did. We had our '71 Vette entered ... between a two door Continental and a 2017 Camaro. Was quite the mix of cars/trucks at that show!